Pain - Digestion - Sore throat

This kit has been designed to always have at hand those natural medicines that can be useful in the most common situations. in fact we have created Health Pocket thinking of those who must travel and prefer to always have emergency solutions at hand! Convenient to keep in the bag in order to be able to intervene quickly if necessary.

On the basis of statistical analyzes, the conditions that can most frequently occur are muscular or joint pains, very often caused by air conditioning blows or long and sometimes uncomfortable journeys, inflammation of the throat and upper respiratory tract, also in this case the main cause when traveling it can be air conditioning and temperature changes, and bad digestion, you know, when we are away from home, we get tempted by very appetizing but not always easily digestible foods!

This is how the idea of having health in your pocket was born!

Health pocket consists of 3 food supplements:

A. Based on boswellia, turmeric, myrrh and ginger;

B. Based on enzymes and natural extracts;

C. Based on American cranberry.

How to use:
in case of inflammations and pain take 1 capsula twice a day of product A swallow with water;
in case of slow digestion and reflux take 1 tablet after meal of product B swallow with water;
in case of sore throat take 1 tablet a day of product C, dissolve in the mouth. 

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