Mantenimento dei normali livelli di glucosio nel sangue.

20 tablets

Food supplement based on chromium, which helps keeping the normal glucose level in the bloodstream, and on polysaccharides, chlorogenic acids, alfa lipoic acid, anthocyanins of the blueberry and C vitamin.

Ingredients: Bolisq-AKBA-WE (polysaccharides in powder from the Boswellia serrata oxb. resin), Myrliq-WE (polysaccharides in powder from the Commiphora myrrha Engl oleum-gummi-resina), Green coffee (Coffea arabica L.) seed e.s. tit. 45% in chlorogenic acid, Charge agent: microcrystalline cellulose; ascorbic acid (C Vitamin), alfa lipoic acid, charge agent: bibasic phosphate calcium; Polivinilpirrolidone, OxiPRO (anti-oxidant complex of Vaccinium myrtillus L. fructus supported on Oryza sativa proteins), anti-caking agents: stearate magnesium, silicon dioxide; Chromium picolinate.

Mode of employment:

It is recommended to take 1 tablets daily.

Plysaccharides: derived from the Boswellia and the myrrh, they are useful to decrease the glucose absorption through inhibition.

Chlorogenic acid: Its function occurs through the enzyme suppression in the liver that slows down the glucose release in the bloodstream, so when the body has not an adequate glucose quantity in the bloodstream, it starts transforming the stored adipose tissue into usable energy instead of glucose. This transformation increases consequently the metabolism of our body by increasing the fat burning process.

Alfa Lipoic Acid: it has scavenger tasks on both protein and lipid free radicals, in facts it is the only anti-oxidant that protects against both outside and intracellular free radicals. Unlike all the other anti-oxidants where only the reduced form has anti-oxidant capacity, the alfa lipoic acid has the skill to neutralise both forms of the free radicals. Another feature of the alfa lipoic acid is that it can regenerate other anti-oxidants like the C and E vitamins.

Chromium: micronutrient present in traces in our organism, useful to maintain the right levels of glucose and cholesterol by increasing the functional activity of the insulin and enhancing the lipid profile.

OxiPRO: anti-oxidant complex of the Vaccinium myrtillus L. fructus supported on Oryza sativa proteins.

C Vitamin: Useful to cooperate in the normal building of the collagen to promote the blood vessels functionality.

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