Food supplement for the throat wellness

When to take Golakom: In the event of throat burning sensation, flu-like symptoms involving respiratory tracts mucosa

How to take Golakom: To dissolve in mouth 1 to 3 tablets daily.



DOG-ROSE (Rosa canina L.) tit. 50% C Vit.

C Vitamin source, useful in the immune defences stimulation and in the treatment of the first respiratory tract upsets.

The Ascorbic Acid (C Vit.), stimulates the activity of the cells chosen for the organism defence. Many studies proved its efficiency in the treatment of the cold and of the infections in general.


it is the most powerful antibacterial and antiviral drug of natural origin, provided with anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulant properties. Many studies proved the efficiency of the Propoli in the bacterial infection therapy of the first respiratory tract contrasting the influenza herpes virus.

Sambucus nigra

extract obtained from the squeezing of the berries of Sambucus standardised titrated at 7-10% in anthocyanins and 8-15% in polyphenols and flavonoids, provided with a great anti-oxidant property and antiviral activity; the phenolic nucleus of the pro-anthocyanidins has anti-bacterial properties; in particular

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