Drenakom - Liquidi in eccesso
Drenakom - Liquidi in eccesso

DRENAKOM is a food supplement useful for the drain of body fluids, for the functionality of the microcirculation and the beauty flaw of the cellulite.

When to take DRENAKOM:

DRENAKOM is recommended when it is needed draining.

How to take DRENAKOM:

To dilute 20 ml of product in 1 l of water. Shake before use. To take it over the 24 hours.



Centella asiatica (Centella asiatica L.) herb e.f., Blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum L.) leaves e.f., Cherry tree (Prunus avium L.) stems e.f., Butcher's-broom (Ruscus aculeatus L.) roots e.f., Melilot (Melilotus officinalis L.) aerial parts e.f., Ortosiphon (Orthosiphon stamineus Bent.) leaves e.f., Pilosella (Hieracium pilosella L.) herb e.f., Solidago (Solidago virgaurea L.) flowers e.f.


CHERRY TREE (Prunus Avium L.) stems e.f.

Diuretic activity useful in the events of water retention, oedema and cellulite; the active substances contained in the stems are potassium salts, polyphenols, flavonoids, A and C vitamins.

BLACKCURRENT (Ribes nigrum L.) leaves e.f.

diuretic action useful in case of peripheral oedema from venous insufficiency or lymphatic stasis and water retention caused by cellulite, in the event of hypertension.

It contains pro-anthocyanins essential to strengthen the blood vessels, thanks to capillary-protective action in the peripheral microcirculation.

CENTELLA (Centella Asiatica L.) herb e.f.

Protective action on the veins: by stimulating the collagen production from the fibroblasts and by enhancing and strengthening the blood vessels wall, it is particularly recommended in the therapy of the chronic venous insufficiency.

It is employed to relieve the feeling of weight in the legs, the ankle swelling, venous pains, night cramps, leg itch.

BUTCHER'S-BROOM (Ruscus Aculeatus L.) root e.f.

phlebo-protective action: it is used in the venous insufficiency therapy, especially the leg one, thanks to the presence of flavonoids and saponins. In particular, the saponins are able to stimulate the adrenergic receptors of the smooth muscular cells of the vein walls, promoting the vasoconstriction phenomena and enhancing the venous tone.

MELILOT (Melilotus officinalis L.) aerial parts e.f.

it contains coumarins, whose main effect is the lymphatic drain, fundamental to ensure the return of liquids in the extra-cells spaces towards the earth. A lymphatic circulation deficit causes liquid storage in the tissues thus swelling, particularly frequent in the ankle zone. Furthermore the coumarin decrease significantly the demolition of the catecholamines, in particular the adrenaline, in the vessels, subsequently with the enhance of the contractible capacity of the blood vessels; the catecholamines are one of the main vasoconstrictors existing in the human body.

ORTOSIPHON (Ortosiphon Stamineus Bent.) leaves e.f.

diuretic and purifying action, associated with the elimination of the uric acid. It generates an increase in volume of the urine produced, furthermore it increases the sodium and the potassium elimination and it stimulates the chlorine excretion. These effects are useful against the cellulite.

PILOSELLA (Hieracium pilosella L.) herb e.f.

SOLIDAGO (Solidago Aurea L.) flowers e.f.

diuretic activity employed in the events of water retentions, oedemas, cellulite and arterial hypertension

Package: 250 ml

Para-pharmacy Code: 921504989

Ministero della Salute Code number: 50662

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