This Health program has been designed for people who show discomfort about stomach, intestine and liver.

Is not a news that when we have a very intense and stressed lifestyle, the result is that we retain toxins in the body and often our stomach and intestine feel bad.

But today is your lucky day! With Health Program Detox you can detoxify the intestines, stomach and liver and feel light again!

With this program we go to work on bacterial that usually live in our intestine, with the aim to take out bad bacterial and help good bacterial to grow up.

Health program Detox consists of 3 food supplements:

A. Based on boldo, milk thistle, picrorhiza and other natural extracts;

B. Based on american cranberry, chamomile and milk thistle;

C. Based on probiotic microorganisms and FOS


How to use:
take 1 tablet after meal of product A twice a day, swallow with water;

take 1 tablet mid-morning and 1 tablet mid-afternoon of product B, swallow with water;
take 1 capsula of product C with empty stomach in the morning before breakfast, swallow with water.

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