This Health program has been designed for people who show discomfort about slow digestion and reflux acid.

Caused by our frenetic lifestyle and also caused by our food habits, people often suffer from digestive problems, such as swollen abdomen after meals, persistent acid reflux after meals, alterations in intestinal transit.

Thanks to this Health Kit it is possible to find a correct digestive function and to disinfect the stomach and intestines from bacteria that are often the primary cause of such discomfort.

Health program Digestion and Reflux consists of 3 food supplements:

A. Based on based on enzymes and ginger;

B. Based on enzymes and natural extracts;

C. Based on american cranberry .

How to use:
in case of slow digestion and heaviness in the stomach take 1 tablet after meal of product A, dissolve in the mouth;

in case of slow digestion with reflux take 1 tablet after meals of product B, swallow with water;
in any case of digestion problem take 1 tablet twice a day with empty stomach of product C.

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